Namibian UCI License Application 2024

 Licenses will only be issued electronically as per UCI Regulation 1.1.024 “National Federations may issue electronic licenses (i.e. smart phone compatible) in place of material licences.”  A material license may be issued on special request, but this will be evaluated on a case by case basis, until electronic licenses are globally accepted as a standard. Your application must include:  Completed and signed application form;  Passport type photograph (only head and shoulders on a white background), electronic or material;  Proof of current membership of a cycling club duly affiliated to the NCF;  Insurance for bodily injury (in and out-patient hospital expenses and medical care, transport costs, permanent disablement, death) and material damages (loss of earnings) in case of accident on the occasion of a cycling competition or event or during training: - name and address of the insurance company: - name and address of the insured party: - duration of validity of the insurance policy, - amount of cover guaranteed - territorial validity.  Third-party liability insurance for material damage or bodily injury caused to others in the course of a competition or cycling event or during training: - name and address of the insurance company: - name and address of the insured party: - duration of validity of the insurance policy, - amount of cover guaranteed - territorial validity.  Proof of Payment of N$250 If proof of insurance cannot be submitted at the time of the license request, a license may still be issued on condition that proof will be supplied before the rider participates in any UCI event. If not the rider’s UCI license will be immediately withdrawn, and the UCI notified as such. Please email completed form to

  1. Renewal / registration fees of N$250 per person per annum is due to the NCF to ensure inclusion as per UCI regulations.

  2. Please indicate your surname and “UCI (Insert registration year)” in the beneficiary reference details on your payment.

  3. Bank Details: Nedbank Name: NCF Branch: 46 10 38 Acc Nr: 1101 000 2283

  4. I hereby declare that I am aware of no reason why I should not be granted the requested licence.

  5. I undertake to spontaneously return my licence in the event of any substantial change to the circumstances existing at the time of the application for a licence.

  6. I declare that I have not applied for a licence for the same year to the UCI or to any other national federation.

  7. I assume exclusive liability for this application and for the use that I shall make of the licence.

  8. I take note that it is strongly recommended to enter a contact person who may be contacted in case of an emergency or an incident involving me during my participation in an event. In this regard, I confirm that the contact person indicated on the form has consented to his identity and contact details being mentioned on my licence.

  9. I hereby undertake to respect the constitution and regulations of the UCI, its continental confederations and its national federations.

  10. I declare that I have read or have had the opportunity to become acquainted with the aforesaid constitution and regulations.

  11. I shall participate in cycling competitions or events in a sporting and fair manner.

  12. I shall comply with all decisions rendered by the UCI and shall take any appeals and litigation before the authorities provided for in the regulations.

  13. I accept the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) as the sole competent authority for appeals as provided in the UCI Regulations and under the conditions set out in these regulations, and for the rest, by the CAS Code of Arbitration for Sport.

  14. I agree that any litigation with the UCI shall solely be submitted to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

  15. I agree to abide and be bound by the UCI Anti-Doping Rules, as well as all documents adopted by the UCI in connection with its Anti-Doping Rules and in connection with the World Anti-Doping Code.

  16. I agree to submit to in-competition and out-of-competition testing at any time as provided in the UCI Anti-Doping Rules and related documents.

  17. I agree that all samples collected from me under the UCI Anti-Doping Rules are owned by the UCI and that such ownership may be transferred by the UCI to another Anti-Doping Organisation, or ownership transferred from another Anti-Doping Organisation to the UCI.

  18. I acknowledge and agree that my personal data processed as part of my licence application to my national federation shall be passed to and held by the UCI (Switzerland) and agree to such information being used for administration and governance purposes, including the management of results and rankings, as well as in relation to anti-doping activities and the prevention of the manipulation of competitions. I also agree that my personal information may be used and/or transmitted, when necessary, to other entities such as the World Anti-Doping Agency, the national Anti-Doping organisations, the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the judicial bodies of the UCI, the national and international authorities competent in relation to the following matters: a. investigations and/or procedures in relation to potential violations of the UCI Regulations; and b. any other processing operation of personal information that is legitimate and proportionate in the context of the administration and governance of cycling; and I have taken note that I may contact the UCI at the following address in order to exercise my right to request access, rectification or deletion of my personal information:

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By Vaino Kali

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