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INTRODUCTION: Being awarded the National Champion Jersey is an honour for any rider. Strict rules from the UCI and the Namibian Cycling Federation govern the manufacture and wearing of the National Champion Jersey. This policy sets out the standardized rules across all disciplines and categories for National Cycling Champions of Namibia and outlines the design and ability to wear the national champion jersey and champion bands. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP JERSEY AND PIPING: All UCI Categories GENERAL:

  1. A Namibian Championship Jersey shall be awarded to the winner, or the highest placed Namibian athlete in the National Championship events.
  2. Namibian Cycling Champions may wear their jersey in all events, (including international events) in the discipline, specialty and category in which they won their title and no other event up until the day before the championship event of the following year.
  3. There will be a fine of N$500.00 imposed when a rider wears the national champion’s jersey in a race discipline they have not won in, or if they are no longer the national champion.
  4. A rider may wear a previously earned National Champion jersey during training, however not during racing.
  5. Wearing the national champion’s jersey or piping in national colours is prohibited as soon as the anti-doping commission, after the review described in UCI article 186 of the anti-doping rules, asserts that the rider committed an anti-doping violation and until his definitive acquittal. NATIONAL CHAMPION STRIPES AND DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS: Where a UCI category champion individually designs their own National Champion Jersey, the following elements must be followed:
  6. The National champion stripes shall represent our national flag design and colours as illustrated in figure 1, 2 and 3.
  7. The pantones of the stripes and piping shall be: • Blue – Pantone 294 C • Yellow gold – Pantone 116 C • Red – Pantone 186 C • Green – Pantone 347 C • White Please refer to the table in figure 2 and 3 for the pantones of the National flag and piping stripes.
  8. The Namibian flag stripes across the chest/abdomen and back for the national champion shall be between 10cm and 25cm in height and may span across the whole chest/abdomen and back area, as illustrated in figure 1.
  9. A National Champion’s individually designed jersey are permitted to be in the colours of your sponsors.

Figure 1: Stripes across the chest of the National Champion 5. For BMX and Downhill the national flag may be used on the sleeves instead of across the chest. 6. The piping around the collar, the sleeve and bottom of the pants shall be between 2cm – 5cm. ADVERTISEMENTS: On the national champion’s jersey the following advertising spaces shall be authorized. See figure 2 and 3. Figure 2: Grey zones for advertising the national champion’s sponsors and piping colours - jersey

Figure 3: Grey zones for advertising the national champion’s sponsors and piping colours - bib

  1. In the front of the jersey, in a rectangle 10 cm high
  2. Area compromising shoulders and sleeves: maximum 5cm high in single line,
  3. On the side of the jersey, 9cm wide strip
  4. The manufactures label (30cm2) may appear once only on the jersey and once only on each leg of the shorts.
  5. Safety distance: Each Zone must be at a distance of at least 30mm from any other zone as well as from all edges of the jersey. USE OF PIPING FOR PAST WINNERS:
  6. When a rider no longer holds the title of the national champion, a rider may wear piping in national colours on the collar and cuffs of his/her cycling jersey.
  7. The piping used to illustrate a past winner in a specific category shall be the same as the regulations for the piping and pantone colours used for the national champion jersey.
  8. Pipping will only be allowed to be worn for the discipline, speciality and category a rider has previously won a national title for, except if a rider has won an Elite title in any discipline, he or she will be allowed to wear piping on Masters clothing but still within the same discipline and speciality.


  1. All designs must be approved by Namibian Cycling Federation prior to production.
  2. Please send all designs to Elanor Grassow ( for approval.
  3. It is the riders responsibility to ensure that their individually designed kit adhere to the UCI rules and standards. It is advised to inform the clothing manufacturer that you are designing an official National jersey and that it must comply with the UCI rules. NAMIBIAN NATIONAL TEAM KIT: RULES & GUIDELINES: When an athlete gets selected to represent Namibia in international cycling events and travel as a Namibian team, a National team kit will be supplied to the athlete.
  4. The NCF will provide the first set of clothing relevant to each discipline. Should a rider want a second set, it can be purchased from the NCF.
  5. Athletes are not permitted to make any changes on the official Namibian National Team Kit.
  6. Marketing and sponsors are not permitted on the Namibian National Team kit.
  7. The Namibian Cycling Federation support the wearing of the national kit in any event or situation by any person. This Regulation is to support and grow the sport. The wearing of the National kit must still obey the rules and regulations stipulated by the UCI and National Kit guidelines.
  8. A rider must refer to the constitution for the code of ethics when representing Namibia, locally or internationally.

Please contact the Namibian Cycling Federation should there be any uncertainty.

By Vaino Kali

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